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International Women’s Day

Women have been acclaimed in the Bank of South Sudan for hard work, integrity, and their smart striking balancing roles at home and in the office.

This statement was made to celebrate the international women’s day marked at the Bank of South Sudan under the theme “Gender equality for future sustainability.”

Speaking during the celebration, the Deputy Director for Human Resources Mrs. Catherine Kapuki said “I want to laud women in the bank for hard work, integrity and their smart balancing roles at home and in the office.”

Kapuki praised the women for being smart, beautiful and quipped that “behind every successful man, there is a woman, igniting ululations from women.”

She stressed the need for women to occupy higher posts in the institution, acknowledging the competence of women to do what men can do, women can also do.

The celebration witnessed a short speech from the Director General for Finance and Administration Mr. Samuel Yanga who encouraged the women to work harder to achieve more in the institution. He said “We recognized this day as special for our women at the bank, and slowly but sure our women will one day occupy top position of Director General in the bank.”

He said BOSS women are now directors and deputy directors in this institution, something not thought of some years back. This is a resounding achievement, he said, given the competence of women in those positions.

Gracing the occasion, the Deputy Governor for Finance and Administration Hon. Daniel Kech conveyed the greetings of the Governor Hon. Moses Makur Deng to the BOSS women and said, “all should work together to support gender empowerment in the institution and beyond.”

Kech lauded the BOSS women on this auspicious day for the achievements of women worldwide and particularly the women in the Bank of South Sudan, who are part and partial of their counterparts abroad. Hon. Kech spoke against gender based violence on women and said this should be discouraged, and perpetrators of violence be brought to book.”

He said equal educational opportunities should be given to boys and girls so as to enable them achieve their potentials in life, stressing that girls be given the chance to realize their full potentials as leaders.

He wished the celebrants of the day, a happy women’s day full of joy.

By Chance Baniko

Head of Media – communication and Public Relations,