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The Bank may require all banks and other regulated entities operating within the territory of South Sudan to provide to the Bank annual, quarterly, or more frequent reports covering monetary statistics, income and expense reports, nonperforming loans and loan losses and provisioning, foreign currency positions, interest rates, and other reports of activities. The Bank shall be obliged to compile statistics in accordance with international standards and practices.

Monetary Statistics display a Depository corporation survey which contains a summarized analytical banking system balance sheet. It is arrived at by aggregating the central bank balance sheet and the aggregated ODCs balance sheet. The process involves netting out intra system balances. While the Standardized Reports displays their detailed forms of 1SR for central bank (Bank of South Sudan), 2SR for Other Depository corporations, 5SR for Monetary Aggregates and 6SR Interest Rates.


STANDARDIZED REPORTS 30th September 2022