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The Bank has the authority to issue regulations and circulars to enable it to fulfil its responsibilities under the Bank of South Sudan Act, 2011 and other relevant legislation.

Bank may at any time publish circulars not inconsistent with this Act:

  • Indicating the manner in which it proposes to exercise any of its functions under this Act or other relevant laws, or regulations issued hereunder;
  • Explaining or clarifying any provision of this Act, or any other relevant law or regulation, for the guidance of regulated entities in complying with the requirements of such laws;
  • Indicating how the Bank expects regulated entities to conduct their business in order to meet the requirements of this Act or other relevant laws or regulations; or
  • Specifying business practices that should not be engaged in by regulated entities because, in the judgment of the Bank, such business practices could be detrimental to the soundness or financial stability of such regulated entities, or the financial system as a whole.

The Bank maintains a public register of all regulations and circulars issued pursuant to this Act and other relevant laws.