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Bank of South Sudan Publications

The Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) is committed to transparency and public engagement. This page provides access to a variety of publications that inform the public about the Bank’s activities, policies, and the economic landscape of South Sudan.


  • Annual Reports: The Bank’s annual reports provide a comprehensive overview of its activities, financial performance, and achievements over the past year. They also outline the Bank’s future goals and objectives.
  • Monetary Policy Statements: Published twice a year, these statements detail the Bank’s monetary policy stance for the coming period. They typically cover the Bank’s assessment of the current economic situation, its review of past performance in meeting its objectives, and the intended monetary policy strategies for the upcoming months.
  • Statistical Reports: The Bank compiles various statistical reports on a regular basis. These reports provide valuable data on the South Sudanese economy, including monetary aggregates, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, and banking sector performance.
  • Laws and Regulations: The legal framework governing the Bank of South Sudan is available here. This includes the Bank of South Sudan Act, 2011, and other relevant legislation and regulations issued by the Bank.
  • Speeches and Presentations: Speeches delivered by the Bank’s Governor and other senior officials on various topics related to the economy, monetary policy, and financial stability are available here.
  • Financial Inclusion Reports: The Bank is committed to promoting financial inclusion in South Sudan. This section provides access to reports on the Bank’s initiatives and strategies for expanding access to financial services for all citizens.

Additional Resources:

  • Glossary of Terms: This glossary defines key terms and concepts frequently used in central banking and monetary policy.
  • FAQs: This section addresses frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Bank of South Sudan, its functions, and its role in the economy.

We encourage you to explore these publications and resources to gain a deeper understanding of the Bank of South Sudan and its contributions to the economic development of South Sudan.

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Please note: This is a sample page, and the specific content categories and resources may vary depending on the Bank of South Sudan’s offerings.