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To be a credible central bank in fostering and ensuring price and financial system stability.

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To ensure price stability and sound financial systems in support of sustainable economic growth in South Sudan

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Transparency | Accountability | Professionalism | Excellence | Team work

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JPY6.9666 6.7598
CAD750.2231 727.9420
AUD657.4673 637.8367
AED277.9149 269.6860
UGX0.2834 0.2743
KSH7.1487 6.9279
SDG2.2918 2.2075
ETB18.6251 17.7202
EGP33.1032 31.9970
RWF0.8732 0.8308
TZS0.4442 0.4268
BIF0.4972 0.4717

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About the Bank of South Sudan

Established in 2011 by the Bank of South Sudan Act, the Central Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) holds the exclusive right to issue the South Sudanese Pound (SSP). While government-owned, it operates independently to achieve its primary goal of price stability and low inflation. Additionally, the BoSS fosters a sound and secure financial system to promote sustainable economic growth in South Sudan.

Article 14 (a) of the Bank of South Sudan Act Chapter III states that the BODs is “The highest policy and decision making organ of The Bank and shall be chaired by the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan.” The Boards has nine members inwhich, three of them are executive members while they have six non-executive members that are provided in Act. The executive members of the Board comprises of the governor and two deputies. The Board meets are usually quarterly time to debate on bank policy issues while it also have an existence of “extraordinary meeting” where by they meet early and exchange ideas on pressing issues. View the BODs

The top and senior management consists of the governor, the two deputies, and the seven director generals.The top management is responsible for the implementation of the Bank general policies decided by the Board and the management of the Bank. View Management

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