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Term of Reference (TOR) for Procuring a Consultancy Service

Term of Reference (TOR) for Procuring a Consultancy Service

Term of Reference (TOR) for Procuring a Consultancy Service for the Summative Evaluation of the Strategic plan

The Bank of South Sudan (BOSS) was established by the “Bank of South Sudan Act 2011” to carry out the monetary functions and operations, foreign exchange operations as well as other functions related to its relations with the Government of South Sudan and the regulated entities.

To help the Central Bank play a leading role in the economic transformation process of the Republic of South Sudan, the BSS leadership had sought taking bold steps towards reforming the Central Bank itself so that it will be able to realize of the grand objectives: (a) fostering the liquidity, solvency and effective and stable functioning of financial system; (b) promote a safe, sound and efficient national payment system, which aims to maintain the stability of the financial system as a whole; and (c) support the general economic policies of the Government of South Sudan and that  promote sustainable socio-economic growth of the nation.


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