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New Governor vows to modernize central bank

New Governor vows to modernize central bank

By Chance Baniko

The new appointed Governor of the central bank has vowed to modernize the Bank of South Sudan to measure up with those in the region and internationally. This means improving its operational efficiency, agility and accessing new technologies to discharge its responsibilities.

Hon. Dr. James Alic Garang made the statement during a warm reception at the bank’s premises. He promised to seek a greater autonomy while conducting management to achieve the vision, mission, and core objectives of the bank. He called for collaboration and teamwork to move the bank forward.

The governor said “it is a humbling experience for me to serve this great institution. I want to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the President of the Republic Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit for having appointed this team to lead this institute.”

From Left to Right first Deputy Governor Hon. Samuel Yanga, BoSS Governor Hon.Dr. James Alic Garang (Centre) and Deputy Governor Hon. Nyiel Gordon

“I assure you that one hand cannot clap, but two will move a mountain, he said.”

The governor took the opportunity to appreciate the staff for the good work they have been performing in the bank over the years. I request you to continue to serve our country well.”

On the other hand, the new first Deputy Governor Hon. Yanga Samuel appreciated the president for the appointment to the position and thanked senior colleagues, staff, family members and relatives who came to witness the occasion. He said, “I am the one who usually makes or solves problems for you, however today I have come with a new hat, forgive me for any inconveniences, I love you all. “This elicited a round of applause from the staff.

The Deputy Governor Hon. Nyiel Gordon thanked the president for the confidence he bestowed in the team to lead the Bank of South Sudan, and the 35% percent fulfilment of women’s representation in decision making levels of government.

“I thank the hard working staff of the bank without which there would be no bank. Thank you very much.”

In another development, Board member Weituy Luony expressed gratitude to the president for choosing a female deputy governor to lead the bank. “This is the first woman and a great fit for the position, congratulations he concluded.”

At the Boardroom

The brief meeting was attended by relatives and friends of the appointed officials who all expressed joy following the appointments.

Speaking on behalf of Hon. Nyiel’s family, his brother Dr. Gordon Kuol said, he was surprised by the appointment of his sister to the position, however he said, “if a woman sits in the kitchen, there would be enough food for all.”

Hon. Thomas Wani Kundu saluted the president for the good choice of the team to lead the institution. He called the day historic and encouraged the team to have integrity and faithfulness as they perform their duties.

God gives power before man

Hon. James Aguer speaking in the same occasion said, “God gives power before man can give, and therefore I am sure of the abilities of the team to deliver.” “Cooperate to bring success.”

He thanked the president for the appointed team to lead the bank.

Train staff

On the other hand, Dr. Salwa Berberi appreciated the president for choosing this team to lead the bank at this difficult time and gave congratulations to the team. She said “it is a huge responsibility to deliver. “Don’t be aloof, work hard to stabilize he exchange rate, build up reserves of gold which people are not talking about, regulate banks properly and embark on agriculture.”

On top this staff are the most important asset for this institution. Build their capacity to support the leadership.

On relationships, coordinate and collaborate while maintaining your independence. May God be with you.

Synchronize policies.

Speaking at the same occasion economist Dr. Majak Agot spoke of the challenges successive governors faced including but not limited to bad performance of the monetary policy, bad exchange rate and a runaway inflation amongst others. He encouraged the new team to maintain equilibrium of the exchange rate volatility.

“Citizens are suffering, and they need stability. He concluded by calling for the synchronization of the macroeconomic policy coordination, monetary and fiscal policies to deliver results.

“When you settle down, we shall work with you to give our unsolicited advice.”

Produce to stabilize economy

Board of Directors representative Wani Buyu said he was not surprised by the policy changes that happened but called for team work to address the challenges mentioned by Dr. Majak.

Buyu said stability of the exchange rate will only be achieved when there is local production of goods and services. He therefore called for teamwork, transparency, accountability as important core values to deliver results.

“We are custodians of resources of the country, Buyu said. We are working together with the ministry of finance to stabilize the economy. Production is the missing link to stability of prices.

The Deputy Governor Hon. Nyiel thanked her family and relatives for standing with her throughout her life. She called for teamwork amongst all in the bank. “Directors General, Directors and all staff, I value you so much.” “Let us work together”.

First Deputy Governor Hon. Yanga Samuel thanked all who braved the hot sun to wait for their arrival to the bank. “We shall have time to discuss the nitty gritty of our issues.”

We shall reassess areas of progress as well as retard

The new governor concluded the sitting by thanking the former governor Johnny Ohisa and the team for the good work done.” We shall pick up from where they have left.”

“We shall draw inspiration from the region and reassess areas of progress as well as areas of retard to move forward.”

BoSS Governor Hon. Dr. James Alic Garang

First Deputy Governor Hon. Samuel Yanga Mikaya

Deputy Governor Hon. Nyiel Gordon

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