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BoSS Governor concludes Malakal Branch Visit with  hopeful note  

BoSS Governor concludes Malakal Branch Visit with hopeful note  

By Majok Nikodemo: 

MALAKAL, 19th January 2024 — Governor, Bank of South Sudan (BoSS), Hon. Dr. James Alic Garang visited the Upper Nile State, capital Malakal, on Friday, and paid a courtesy visit to the Upper Nile State Secretariat.  

He was pleased with the warm welcome accorded to him and the BoSS delegation by the government and the Malakal Branch staff.  

In his opening remarks, the governor indicated that he was touring the BoSS branches nationwide, which started with Yei last Friday, and now Malakal. He went on to emphasize what he saw and what was on his mind as he arrived at Malakal. “When I was descending, I had many questions about Malakal, which  

I am visiting for the first time. I saw the beauty of the land and the airport, but on the ground, I saw the destruction caused by the years of conflict. This setback notwithstanding, we came to visit the branch and see how best it is faring, while making efforts to realize our objective to modernize the Bank,” Governor Alic said.  

Dr. Alic thanked the Deputy Governor of the Upper State Government, Hon. Ayong Awer Lual, for hosting him and the delegation. He also raised the issue of the BoSS plot, urging the Deputy Governor to resolve it as it would further expand the activities of the Malakal Branch. In response, Hon. Lual promised to resolve the land issue to facilitate the work of the branch.  

On his part, Deputy Governor Lual welcomed Governor Alic, praising the central bank for reopening the Malakal branch. In the words of the Deputy Governor, this gesture “sends the signal that Malakal is stable. This step will encourage the commercial banks and Agricultural Bank to follow suit,” he added. 

Broadly, Governor Alic donated 10 million SSP as part of BoSS Corporate Social Responsibility to the Upper Nile State, a move that the Deputy Governor, Hon. Lual, welcomed with appreciation.  

At the headquarters, Malakal Branch Manager, Mr. John Bullen, welcomed the BoSS Governor, Hon. Dr. James Alic Garang, amid applause and ululations from the branch and unclassified staff. Mr. John Bullen indicated that the Branch was opened by Dr. Sabir Hassan, the then Governor, of the Bank of Sudan, but closed during the 2013 crisis. He added that the branch was officially reopened in June 2023. Manager Bullen thanked the Governor for giving priority to the staff welfare, citing the recent promotions and the allowance disbursements.  

Bullen reassured Dr. Alic that the Malakal Branch had established good working relationship with the Government of Upper Nile and the Security as well. He presented to the Governor challenges facing the branch, notably the shortage in manpower, and IT personnel, among others. Relatedly, the Malakal Branch Manager urged the administration to increase the branch allowance by 50 percent.  

On his part, the former Governor Othom Rago Ajak thanked Governor Alic for inviting him on the Malakal tour. He greeted and appreciated the branch staff for braving challenges and working diligently to serve the public. Ajak noted that he had talked with the Nile Commercial Bank to resume work in Malakal, with a view to attract traders. 

In his opening remarks, Governor Alic indicated that “It is a pleasure for me to visit Malakal for the first time. When I landed at the airport, where I and the BoSS delegation were accorded a warm welcome, we headed to the city but taken aback by visible destruction. Man can destroy and rebuild,” he emphatically noted. He told the cheerful staff that many hands can make things simple. “All of you made this day possible,” Dr. Alic said. 

About the recent promotions, the Governor said that morale should be high, which is good for the Bank given that “The staff is the engine and at the Centre of our work.” He noted, “Any complaints will be looked into and corrected if deemed necessary. After all, claims will be investigated thoroughly for the sake of justice,” he uttered. 

The Governor, who was interrupted by applause, pledged that “We will continue to promote the staff welfare in terms of allowance and training. With you, we can move mountains.” 

He told the staff that H. E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan, had assented to the amended Bank of South Sudan Act 2023, granting more powers to the Bank, including central bank independence and supervisory authority over insurance companies and microfinance institutions.  

Based on the new Bank Act 2023, the Governor declared that “the BoSS will establish seven directorates, paving the way to resolve the understaffing issue,” and adding that “We will encourage the commercial banks to resume work in Malakal.” 

He thanked the former Governor, Ajak, for his efforts when he was a governor and for accepting to accompany the BoSS delegation to Malakal. 

BoSS Governor concluded his speech by offering one month salary incentive to the branch staff and unclassified staff, a move welcomed by the cheerful audience.  

Finally, with cool weather associated with the afternoon breeze, Governor Alic, and the BoSS delegation concluded the Malakal tour, leaving Malakal airport at around 4 pm for Juba.  

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