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BoSS Governor donates 5 million SSP to Malakal Hospital, 10 million SSP for repatriation

BoSS Governor donates 5 million SSP to Malakal Hospital, 10 million SSP for repatriation

By Chance Baniko

Central Bank’s governor has donated 5 million SSP to Malakal hospital and another 10 million SSP to the State’s government of Upper Nile to help in repatriating refugees stranded at the South Sudanese borders. He made the remarks while reopening the Malakal branch on the 9th June 2023.

Hon. Johnny Ohisa Damian said with the reopening ceremony, “Malakal is back to where it should be.” This gesture, he said, “will open up business and develop the financial sector in the state.”

“After a long time, we are today opening up the branch, which in turn will avail business opportunities in the sense that other commercial banks will follow suit”, he said.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank the branch manager and all who turned up today for this important function.”

Hon. Ohisa thanked the state’s government of Upper Nile for its cooperation with the Bank of South Sudan to realize the historic occasion.

Meanwhile, Finance and Planning Minister Hon. Dr. Dier Tong congratulated the Board of Directors and Hon. Johnny Ohisa for the reopening of the branch. He said the last time he visited Malakal was in 1970. “I am honored today to be part of this historic occasion. This city was very beautiful but got destroyed during the war. The message I want to leave with you is that let us learn from this experience so as to regain the good name of this city,” he said.

Tong expressed his delight with the theme of the occasion “Restoring business in the state, meaning “It will attract other businesses and commercial banks to the state, to strengthen peace in Upper Nile once again,” he said.

Hon. Tong revealed that he tabled the 2023 budget before the council of ministers for deliberations before it is sent to National Parliament for scrutiny. This, he said, will help implement the peace agreement in the country.

Earlier the branch manager John Bullen welcomed the guests and thanked the Vice President Dr. Wani Igga and the State’s government represented by James Othok Oyai for their cooperation and support to realize the historic occasion.

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of South Sudan Hon. John Maciek said the resumption of operation of Malakal branch has come at the opportune moment saying, “the time for provision of services has arrived.”

The president of the banking association Dr. Andrew Mayen challenged community leaders, intellectuals and the government for the current state of affairs where people commit atrocities against one another to stop and work for peace and development.

Mr. Mayen recounted the history of Upper Nile in the 1950s saying this region produced great leaders in the history of Sudan. He mentioned leaders who hailed from the region in the personalities of Luigi Adwok, Othwan Dak, Ruben Alier, Abel Alier, Peter Gathkuot, and Pio Yukwan amongst others as examples. He said the region had a good name, unlike today where violence has come to define this great state.

He called on the youth and all intellectuals to abscond violence and cultivate peace to measure up with its heroic history.

The Governor of the state Hon. James Othok decried the absence of banks in the state saying it made life a very difficult experience for the government. “We used to transfer civil servant salaries through forex bureaus, however, with the reopening of the branch today, life is returning to its normality, he said.”

The governor recounted during his swearing in ceremony at the state house in Juba that President Kiir asked him to unite the people of Upper Nile State, and to cultivate the culture of peace as opposed to war.”

The governor touched on the incident which led to the killing of at least 10 people in UNMISS protection of civilian site saying that the fight was caused by niggers who smuggled weapons into the protection of civilians site. “When I rushed there on Thursday 8th June, I could not enter the camp to calm the situation because that is another territory, he said.

Until then we are waiting for a report from UNMISS to establish what happened, but to no avail. “My appeal to our people is to rescind violence and work for peace.”

“I want to appeal to the national government to support us and provide for us mortuary to enable provision of services to our dead people.”

Vice president

The VP congratulated the state’s government for the warm reception accorded to him and appreciated the drizzle that followed as a sign of God’s blessings. The VP said the reopening of the bank will bring services closer to the people, by attracting commercial banks, promote trade in the area amongst other things.

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