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BoSS Young Fellowship group thrill worshipers

BoSS Young Fellowship group thrilled worshipers who gathered yesterday at the Bank to perform the Christmas Corals.

1st Deputy Governor Hon. Addis Ababa Othow Akongdit (PhD) center, Deputy Governor Hon John Maciek right, extreme right Hon. Dr. Tabitha Eliaba Kenyi, Board Member and to the left is Director of I.T James Luba, Deng Aru, Director of Currency and Mrs. Grace Araba, Acting Director of Financial Market

Mr. Yeni Samuel, Director General of Banking operation and Currency
Mr. David Manyuon Nak, Director of Human Resource and Admin.

From left Mr. Abraham Dut Atem, Acting Director of Finance.

Mrs. Gan Samuel, Director of Banking Operation.

Three Directors, Center Mr. Deng Aru, Director of Currency left Mrs. Grace Araba Acting Director of Finacial Market and right James Luba, Director of I.T

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