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Governor meets staff Wau branch

Governor meets staff Wau branch

By: Chance Baniko 

The meeting between the Governor and the staff was lengthy and it touched on pertinent issues affecting the branch. The governor listened to issues of lack of training for the branch staff, shortage of staff to work at the branch, lack of transport for staff, taxes levied on staff meagre salaries amongst other administrative issues.


The DG for administration and Finance addressed most of the issues positively and promised to deal with the issues raised.

Hon. Dier Tong pledged to review training needs both internally and externally. But first he said; it needs to be streamlined to cater for all staff.

Staff praying during the meeting

On the issues of transport, the Governor said if there is a credible transporters around, one should be selected to solve this issue once and for all. On taxes issues the Governor promised to talk to authorities about the need for exemption, he categorically said “we shall not force them, if they don’t agree.”

On the issue of financial benefits the governor said the institution doesn’t make profits, if we do, the government takes it, but the law also allows us to give it to develop our branches, he said.

On national issues, the Governor said since he assumed office in May 2018, his administration took some internal economic decisions which resulted into some benefits for the whole country.

First the cancellation of dollar approvals to individuals and reassigning them to credible companies for the importation of fuel into the country. This has worked because “we able to know that 100,000 USD buys four tankers of fuel. This brought down the fuel prices in Juba.

The next internal measure we took was tightening liquidity; the governor expounded. “We talk to banks, not to engage in illegal transactions, and if the fail to comply with directives, it attracts some penalties. It has worked.”

Responding to issue of lack of staff, the governor said the issue is best addressed through local recruitment. That explains why we did not transfer many staff to branches. “We are committed to ensuring the physical as well as the security of all our staff.

The Governor gave a two months gross pay to the staff of the branch.

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