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Governor meets Wau state government

Governor meets Wau state government

By: Chance Baniko 

The BSS governor Hon. Dier Tong briefed the state governor Angelo Taban Biajo on the latest unfolding fuel price drops in Juba. “Our policies have born fruits,” he said, a reference to cancellation of dollar approvals to individuals, reassigning of dollars to credible companies for the importation of essential commodities and the tightening of liquidity in banks.


This resulted into the price of fuel dropping down in Juba to 180 SSP per little, as opposed to other towns like Yei where a litter of fuel is selling for 375 SSP, which is the highest in the country.

Left to right Governor Hon. Dier Tong, DG Admin and Finance Yeni Samuel/Director Mabior Achuang

The governor stressed that the core mandate of the BSS is price stability and sound stable financial system in the country.

The BSS governor then raised issues of commercial banks operating in states, citing the issue of taxes being levied on them. He pointed out that this is the competence of the bank of south Sudan. But he also said that banks are not performing their core mandate which is intermediation.

He promised to bring the issue to national stage when the governors’ forum convenes.

On the issue of land for BSS, Hon. Dier Tong appealed to the state government to avail land for the bank for its expansion.

On his part the state governor Angelo Taban Biajo thanked the BSS governor for his visit to the government secretariat, and the enlightenment he gave.

Biajo said that the security in the state is calm, and that his government prioritizes security of government institutions in the state.

He said that food and fuel commodities prices are so real and high in the state. Therefore the state’s governor appealed to the BSS governor for the provision of hard currency to his state, to enable importation of food from Sudan.

On the other hand, the state’s governor Biajo appealed for the provision of Wau hospital with basic services which has a number of sick people in addition to other challenges like a number of ministers lacking mobility.

In the same meeting the minister of finance said that prices of basic commodities in the state are high citing the long distance from Juba to his state. “As I speak, we buy fuel from the black market which exorbitant, he said.”

The minister also touched on the issue of capital flight from the country asking who is responsible to ensure money is controlled from leaving the country.

Other difficulties facing the state government are the issue of NGOs who keep their money abroad, meaning that some are not following our country’s regulations. The issue of personal income tax is substantial as the state government doesn’t have a dollar account with the bank of south Sudan.

The governor asked BSS responsible authorities to open an account for Wau state in BSS juba to enable collection of personal income taxes to be paid in dollars to facilitate the work of the state.

The BSS governor as part of its social responsibility gesture gave one point five million SSP each to cater for IDPs and Wau hospital respectively.

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