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Malakal BoSS’ branch to reopen soon

By Majok Nikodemo,

Malakal, Jan. 14, 2023–The Bank of South Sudan’s (BoSS) delegation, led by First Deputy Governor, Hon. Dr. Addis Ababa Othow, paid a visit to Malakal town on Saturday to assess the premises and preparedness of BoSS branch there ahead of reopening it soon.

At arrival, the delegation was received by Hon. James Gatwech Deng, Adviser for Economic Affairs, Hon. Keach Nguoth Tiem, Minister of Parliamentary and Legal Affairs, and other dignitaries. The delegation headed to the residence of Governor of Upper Nile, Abudhok Anyang Kur, where Dr. Addis Ababa Othow and the BoSS’ delegation were received by the governor.

Receiving the delegation, governor Abudhok welcomed the guests, and expressed his pleasure about the visit. He noted that the reopening of the BoSS’ branch in Malakal would further encourage the commercial banks to reopen, and hence, businesses would resume as well in Malakal.

To expedite the reopening of the branch, the governor said he was ready to evacuate his residence to host the Bank’s staff, and therefore, reopen the BoSS’ branch with immediate effect. 

Dr. Addis Ababa expressed his pleasure to visit Malakal and assess preparedness of the BoSS’ branch to resume its operations. He thanked the governor for the warm welcome accorded to the Bank’s delegation.

The First Deputy Governor, said the situation is calm in Malakal, pledging that the Bank’s branch would reopen soon.

For his part, DG for Admin & Finance, Samuel Yanga, briefed the governor of Upper Nile, about the plot allocated earlier by the government to the Bank, indicating that the construction was suspended by the competent authorities, which cited that the procedures were incomplete. However, the governor of Upper Nile pledged to facilitate the procedures.

DG for Banking Operations, Yeni Samuel, said the branch completed all the procedures and was ready to resume its work soon.   

The governor Abudhok and the first Deputy Governor, Dr. Addis Ababa, toured the branch and ascertained its readiness to resume operations soon. Both officials held the press conference during which they concurred that the branch was ready to open.  

Also in attendance were Hon. Thomas Johnson, Minister of Roads and Bridges, Hon. Koang Tharjiath Thoch, town mayor, Major General Makuol Ajang, Division Two Commander, SSDF, Major General Chol Atem, Police Commissioner, Samuel Lueth, Director for National Security, and Deng Atem, Director for Prison.

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