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Minister promises to revamp Economy

The new finance and planning minister has promised economic diversification and introduction of agriculture as opposed to dependence on oil.

Hon. Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol nick named (BBC) made the remarks during his welcoming ceremony in Juba on Monday August 07 2023.

The minister said a conducive atmosphere for investments need to be created in the country to enable the country leap forward. He challenged people not to see the government as a hub of resources manipulation, but to work to expand the economic base.

Speaking during the same occasion, BoSS Governor Hon. Johnny Ohisa Damian lauded the appointment of the new finance minister for winning the trust of the President H.E. Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit for this pivotal role. “Today, it is my great pleasure on the behalf of the Bank of South Sudan to congratulate our new Minister of Finance and Planning, Hon. Dr. Baak Barnaba Chol.”

Hon. Johnny promised to work together with the new minister, whom he said understands the country’s economic landscape well, which makes him an ideal candidate to lead the country’s financial affairs.

Hon. Johnny said the appointment of the new minister came at a crucial time when the country is facing serious challenges that need joint effort to tackle the issues both internally and externally. This means working together with the economic cluster and other economic institutions.

Dr. Baak Barnaba Chol, who was appointed on Friday by the presidential decree read on National Television SSBC, was welcomed by the Ministry of Finance and Planning staff who organized the celebration at government accountancy training centre in Buluk -Juba.

Hon. Johnny Thanked the former minister of Finance, Hon. Dier Tong Ngor, for steering the ministry during the most difficult time,

“I was privileged to have worked closely with him implementing the reforms under difficult circumstances, he said.”

The Bank of South Sudan stands to support your effort and work hand in hand with the Ministry of Finance and Planning. We will continuously uphold our mandate of maintaining price stability, safeguarding the integrity of financial system and promoting a conclusive environment for investment and economic activity.

“Together we can address the challenges ahead, such as the rampant inflation, depreciation of our local currency and reducing the cost of commodities in the market.”

Among the speakers was former finance minister Hon. Dier Tong Ngor, who promised to support the new minister and work closely with him and said keeping good relationship with partners and stakeholders like the IMF, World Bank, Africa Development Bank amongst others is very essential.

The newly appointed minister vowed to tackle hunger and sicknesses head on and promised to fix the inflation rates and to make use of the vast mineral resources and arable land in the country.

‘’What have we done wrong as South Sudanese that, we should be suffering like this facing economic hardship ‘’we need to liberate ourselves from hunger, sickness, and fight to develop agriculture, let us fight together, as a minister I can’t do anything alone.

“I am thinking of those who are suffering from different parts of the country, who can’t afford food and those who can’t afford transport due to high cost of fuel, am so worried about our soldiers who are protecting our country without enough money to cater for their needs.”

By: Joseph Chol Dut.

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