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Tribute to late Governor of Bank of Uganda

By Majok Nikodemo Arou

President of Uganda, Yoweri K. Museveni has paid a glowing tribute to the late Governor of Bank of Uganda, Prof Emmanuel Tumusiime-Mutebile, describing him as a seasoned economist who turned the wheel of Ugandan economy back to recovery.

While addressing the mourners at the state funeral service at Kololo ceremonial grounds, Museveni lauded Prof Mutebile as a great economist and banker whose feat made the economy of Uganda strong again. He noted that Prof. Mutebile was a role model whose role could be emulated by civil servants for serving the nation with self-denial and dedication.

Receiving the news of Prof. Mutebile death, President Museveni tweeted, “I’m deeply saddened by the passing on of Bank of Uganda Governor Prof. Emmanuel Tumusiime – Mutebile. He was an exceptional economist, a humble servant whose acumen and perspectives on economic matters were singular.’

He will be remembered, Museveni continued, for steering the economy of country through a strong tide. President Museveni extended his heartfelt condolences to the family, and all his relations.

The wife of the late governor, Betty Mutebile has also described her late husband as a family and hardworking man who had dedicated his entire life to serving the country. “The late was a quiet, generous, and family man who loved people irrespective of their status,” she added.

Rt. Hon. Nabanja Robinah, Prime Minister, said the death of Prof. Mutebile “is a big loss to the country of a great economist who played a key role in stabilizing our economy. He was a true professional whose advice was always sound, solid and spot on.”

While mourning the demise of Prof. Mutebile, Hon. Moses Makur Deng, Governor, Bank of South Sudan, acknowledged in his condolence message that, “Prof. Mutebile, had supported the Bank of South Sudan in terms of capacity building and other related technical areas.

“He will also be remembered for restoring the economy of Uganda, ravaged by long periods of instability in 1970s – 1980s, through rigorous reform programmes,” Governor Makur added.

Dr. Patrick Njoroge, Governor, Central Bank of Kenya, said, Governor Tumusiime- Mutebile” will be fondly remembered for his contribution, not only in making Bank of Uganda one of the leading Central Banks in the region and Africa in terms of autonomy, executing its mandate and use of technological advancement in its operations, but also in the East African Communities’ Monetary Affairs Committee as a leader and active member in cementing the role of Central Banks in the region as well as fostering economic cooperation and integration in the region.”

Given especial ties between the Bank of South Sudan and Bank of Uganda, Governor Moses Makur Deng, flew to Uganda to attend the state funeral. Dr. Patrick Njoroge, Governor, Central Bank of Kenya also attended the event.

Governors of Central Banks of Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Malawi, Seychelles, Lesotho, Somalia, Ghana and others also dispatched their condolence cables on the death of Prof. Mutebile.

The body of the late Mutebile, who died on Sunday 23rd January, 2022, in Kenya, was airlifted to Kabale then to Kijuguta village, where he was laid to rest.

Also in attendance were Ugandan ministers, officials, relatives and friends of the late Prof. Mutebile.