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Troika delegation meets new governor

Troika delegation meets new governor

Troika team led by US charge d’ Affairs, David W. Renz, has recently met the new Governor at the Bank of South Sudan Hon. Moses Makur Deng, in his office to discuss wide range of issues, ranging from public fund management reform agenda, amongst others.

The delegation not only came to pay a courtesy call, but also to ensure the continuity in terms of relations between Troika and the Central Bank of South Sudan, as change of guard at the bank was effected by the President Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

The team also wanted to understand the commitment of the bank to move forward from where the former Governor Hon. Dier Tong left.

US charge d’ Affairs David W. Renz welcomed the decision of the president to change the leadership at the bank.

However, he expressed frustration at the slow implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, which he said, is frustrating the US Congress and voiced the need to expedite the agreement to ensure stability and peace in the country. He added his government “is committed to ensure that humanitarian assistance and operation continues to save lives of the vulnerable in the country.”

On the other hand he expressed the commitment of Troika to support South Sudan following challenges encountered in terms of floods, the desert locusts and conflict in the horn of Africa, which meant stiff competition for resources.

He said his government is planning to discuss a report in congress this coming March 2022, and it is expected to reflect public finance management in the country.

Congress, he said, “is concerned about the collection and use of revenues in the country, and therefore wants transparency and accountability in the whole process.”

Responding to the concerns raised by the Troika team, the governor agreed on “the implementation of the agreement, which is very essential to ensure stability.” He added that for the reforms to be completed, it is equally essential that the country makes best use of its resources as demanded by the international community.

However, the governor said implementation of this peace agreement is very expensive in terms of the budget given the huge cabinet portfolios of 5 VPs, huge national parliament, 650 MPs and the huge army 83,000 forces to be trained and integrated.

Other factors included but not limited to the issue of overdraft, which was resolved by the Ministry of Finance and the cabinet, collection of revenues by National Revenue Authority (NRA) to be published and they should be in position to bring their collections to the central bank.

Meanwhile the bank is working hard to collect the excess liquidity in circulation to ensure stable and more viable economy, the governor concluded.

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