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Website and job description launch

Website and job description launch

By: Chance Baniko

In his opening remarks at the launch of the function, Hon. Albino Dak first deputy Governor said, “The launching represents an upgrading of the site to the bank of south Sudan. So it is not a new thing.”

Hon. Albino expounded six rational behind the launching, saying it is cost effective, accessible, convenient, credible, and is aimed at marketing the institution, and to become a professional website, amongst others.

On the job description, the purpose is to protect the business and employees in addition to being a role model for other institutions in the country.

Bank of South Sudan job description

The Governor

The Governor welcomed all invited guests to the occasion. He particularly thanked the Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga for accepting to come and grace this occasion. “When we launched our strategic plan in March 2018, your excellency accepted to come. Now you have come again to grace this function, my gratitude to you, the Governor said amidst ululation by some staff members.”

“Since the launch of the strategic plan, we managed to cascade the job descriptions down to the level of the staff.” “Absence of job description was a source of complaints amongst the staff members.” “Now 316 job titles are availbale.it will serve and facilitate recruitment, promotion, training and accountability amongst others,” the Governor emphasized. Delivery is what the job description aims to achieve.

“It is an indispensable tool and instrument to facilitate all bank processes.”

On the other hand the Governor said that the website will serve as a platform for interacting with the public. Therefore team work is what the website requires to make it dynamic and fully functional.

The Governor then urged the government to support the bank to achieve its mandate, in order to satisfy it stakeholders.

He made another appeal to development partners to extend support the institution.

Finally he thanked the consultant Dr. Hagos Baraki for his immense contribution to this institution, not forgetting the website committee for the job well done.

Min of labour

Labour Minister James Hoth Mai commended the institution for the job well done in coming up with the job description and the launching of the website.

Labour Minister James Hoth Mai

“Now you will be able to hire the right person in the right place, and avoid overlap of responsibilities” he said.

“In our houses, we have job descriptions except that they have not been written down. This shows all members of the family their responsibilities.”

“In an organizational setting, job description shows you how to communicate vertically as well as horizontally, and how to do your job well without causing unnecessary conflicts”, the minister stressed.

The minister urged the bank’s administration to ensure that the job descriptions are printed and made available on the staff desk for quick references.

The minister also cautioned the administration to ensure that the job descriptions are constantly updated to reflect reality on the evolution of the institution..

The government, the minister said is working to revamp its website to enable them get feedback.

He concluded by thanking the management of the bank, and said “don’t blame your boss again, as you have your guide before you.”

Minister of information

Michael Makuei congratulated the bank’s management for having led the reform agenda of the government.

Minister of information Michael Makuei with Hon. Dier Tong Ngor

“Congratulations for trusting our own abilities to come up with the website, he said.” “To come up with a website is not a simple task, we look for consultants, but we have the m here,” “we will follow suit he said.

This means that you will not have to come here to seek information, but just go directly to the website to access information you are looking for.

“It is important for everybody to know his or her duties to avoid crumbling, the minister stressed. Job descriptions and website must be updated to avoid becoming obsolete.”

“Once again congratulations for the job well done as we work hard to re-launch government website to catch up with the world in terms of technology.”

Minister of Finance

The minister of finance Salvatore Garang Mabiordit said performance should be based on job description.

minister of finance Salvatore Garang with Hon. Dier Tong Ngor

At the end of the year, management should be able to sit down to evaluate staff according to their work plan. This; he said will determine whether they are promoted or even dismissed.

This reform should have begun in 2011 after the independence of the country without which there is a possibility of crumbling. Job descriptions enable staff to get credit for the job they have done and get promoted on merit basis.

On the website launch today, I want to assure you, he said that it is going to enable the sharing of information and will assist to dustbin incorrect messages. This will also contain leakages. “Thank you very much he concluded.”

The Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga, who was the guest of honour extended President Gen. Salva Kiir’s greetings and new year’s wishes to bank and the invited guests.

“Allow me first to sincerely congratulate our Governor of central bank of South Sudan for a good start. It is always the good beginning that makes a successful ending.” The VP said.

This occasion marks an introduction of new administrative tools into the institution, which is an integral part of the revitalized peace agreement congratulation for this magnificent achievement.

Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga and Hon. Dier Tong Ngor and Hon. Albino Dak Othow and Hon. Odera Innocent Ochan

Having a website is essential as it enables your institution to move from traditional operation to e-government operations. The website will definitely expose your institution to everybody in the country and international bodies interested in using your statistical data.

Among other things development partners like IMF and WB are most likely to cooperate with BSS authority.

Statistical information will be readily available in the website for those who are interested to use. Hence you have introduced transparency and accountability.

The additional advantage the BSS is the Job descriptions which you are introducing.

Job description is a special administrative instrument which certainly will help your administration to monitor and evaluate your staff in terms of their annual job performance. As such, it is easy to appreciate and motivate your staff accordingly especially if you have given each individual a target for a specific time period.

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