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      Yei Branch receives BoSS Governor 

      Yei Branch receives BoSS Governor 

YEI, 11th January 2024- The Yei Branch Manager, Bedpiny Kur, and staff accorded a warm and colourful welcome to the Governor, Bank of South Sudan, Hon. Dr. James Alic Garang and BoSS delegation, while visiting Yei branch. 

Addressing the staff at the branch, Dr. Alic said the new bank act has increased the number of directors to seven. “We are moving to the new headquarters, where we shall recruit more staff to fill the huge space. We will use the new bank act 2023 to modernize the bank,” he added. 

Governor Alic instructed the administration to pay one salary to the Yei branch staff as an incentive, a move applauded by the cheerful staff. Nostalgic Dr. Alic, said the last time he was in Yei, was in 2007. “Yei is a beautiful city as it used to be. The city is historic in terms of land and people. Both have contributed to the liberation,” he reflected. 

He thanked and appreciated the branch manager and staff for the warm welcome. “The branch is clean as well as staff. The city sounds familiar and serene. The staff is crucial to our mandate as they serve the strategy for ensuring the price stability,” Dr. James Alic said.  

The governor underscored that there is a need to improve the staff welfare. “We had formed the committee to look into the promotions. The names have been released,” he added. 

While congratulating those who had been promoted, the governor noted that the challenges are multiple, but a chance is given first to prioritize on the issues facing the bank. In addition, he noted that the management strives to address the issues facing the bank.  

“On Nov 25, 2023, we declared the bank’s policy position based on the modernization of the central bank. The communication is a key, and we have focused on that to engage the public and enlighten them about the pivotal role of the central bank,” he said. Highlighting the role of the supervision, the governor said, “We issue statements to the public regarding the market to ensure the price stability,” Dr. Alic said.  

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