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Aweil stages huge welcome for Governor Alic

Aweil stages huge welcome for Governor Alic

By Majok Nikodemo Arou:

Aweil, June 2024–The high- profile delegation of Bank of South Sudan (BoSS), led by its Governor, Hon. Dr. James Alic Garang, arrived at the Aweil Airport, on Friday, June 22nd, 2024, where the delegation was accorded a warm welcome amid ululations and cheers from the huge crowd.

The Deputy Governor of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State (NBGS), state ministers, MPs and senior officials received Dr. Alic at the airport amid traditional dances.

Flanked by 1st Deputy Governor of BoSS, Hon. Samuel Yanga, accompanying national MPs, Directors General, Directors, Governor Alic headed to the state secretariat. Along the main street from the airport to the secretariat, over hundreds of thousands of school children took to the street to welcome Governor Alic in the largest gathering ever since Dr. Alic commenced his tours to the state capitals. The message was loud and clear to the Government: Invest on Education and Provide Services.

At the secretariat, Acting Governor of NBGS, Hon. Dr. Tong Lual, welcomed Dr. Alic. On his part, the BoSS governor thanked the Acting Governor of NBGS for warm welcome, indicating that he came to open the BoSS’ Branch in Aweil. “The Branch will be the responsibility of bank staff, and the people of Aweil,” he said.

After cutting the ribbon and inspecting the branch building, the BoSS delegation headed to the ceremony site. The BoSS governor welcomed the Acting Governor of NBGS, MPs, BoSS staff and the people of Aweil. “We have rented a residence for the Aweil Branch to operate. It was opened today,” Dr. Alic stated.

He appreciated the MPs who accompanied him to Aweil and thanked the people of Aweil for huge reception. “Production is paramount for a viable economy,” he said, citing specifically the agricultural production.

Dr. Alic underscored that President of the Republic of South Sudan, His Excellency, General Salva Kiir Mayardit, has been urging the people of South Sudan to cultivate and produce to overcome challenges triggered by Sudan’s conflict, which affects the oil flow and dents revenues accrued from the oil exports.

“It is a great day to share some insights with you regarding the grand opening of the Aweil BoSS Branch. Mission accomplished,” he said. Dr. Alic indicated that the establishment of the Aweil BoSS Branch will help attract more commercial banks that can offer loans to eligible customers.

He noted that the commercial banks were upbeat about the opening of the branch as transactions would be enhanced and risk reduced. The BoSS governor noted that the NBGS government has been keen and instrumental in facilitating the opening of the branch. He thanked the traditional groups and dancers for warm welcoming and cheering the delegation.

Dr. Alic reiterated that the Aweil Branch would allow the bank to collect revenues while fostering the financial inclusion. “The grand opening means delivery of banking and financial services to the people in Aweil and South Sudan in general. Having the branch here means the transactions will be eased, “he added.

He continued that the Bank to implement data dependent to prudent monetary policy. “We look forward to diversification,” citing gold. He noted that South Sudan continues aligning itself with the region and EAC to keep abreast with the latest developments.

The First Deputy Governor, Hon. Samuel Yanga Mikaya, said he was excited to visit Aweil, where he was so impressed to see waves of schoolchildren. He was also enthralled by the peace-loving people of Aweil who cherish to coexist with other communities. 

Hon. Yanga also complimented the Bank staff, notably DG for Finance, Tong Akec Deng, for the mission accomplished.  

Mayor of Aweil town, Hon. Yac Garang welcomed Governor Alic and the accompanying guests, appreciating the inauguration of BoSS Branch in Aweil. ‘’The inauguration of the branch will augur well with the NBGS as it will stablise the market and help growth of the economy,” he added.  

Hon. Francis Piol Buk commended the BoSS Governor for opening the branch in Aweil and other states nationwide. ‘’The NBGS will prosper through unity and coexistence,” he said.

Akobo MP, Hon. Bishop John Jok, felicitated the peaceful coexistence of communities in Aweil, describing the people of Aweil as peace loving. He called on the Government to strive harder to stabilize the prices. He wished his son would marry from Aweil.

The event concluded with the traditional dances to demonstrate the joy brought by the grand opening of the Aweil Branch.

Acting NBGS Governor once more welcomed Dr. Alic and the accompanying delegation. He hoped that the Branch would fund the agricultural bank, which in turn could offer loans to farmers.

The function concluded on a high note.

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