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BoSS Headquarters Opens with Hopeful Note

BoSS Headquarters Opens with Hopeful Note

By: Chance Baniko S. OUDU

BoSS is now a key player in the region as the Central Bank collaborates with other key partners in East Africa, moving towards a single currency.

Hon. Dr. James Alic made this remark at the grand opening of the Bank’s headquarters in Juba, signalling his commitment to transforming the country’s financial sector and business landscape. He said, “The future is bright, given our collective venture marking today’s grand opening.”

The Governor said his motive was his commitment to upholding the institution’s principles of transparency, accountability, and independence to ensure price stability, curb inflation, build reserves, and cooperate with parliament, trade and finance ministries, and other stakeholders to enhance service delivery to the people.

The new BoSS headquarters

Governor Alic likewise highlighted staff welfare and the expansion of financial services to other parts of the country to ensure equal service delivery. He thanked former central bank bosses for conceptualizing this project, citing Dr. Sabir, who chose the area for this grand project in 2008, followed by Hon. Elijah, amongst others.

Dr. Alic also thanked the Central Equatoria former governors, including Clement Wani Konga and Emmanuel Adil Anthony, and the Bari Community for allotting this land to the Bank.

The Governor thanked President Kiir for his support in invoking the constitution to declare the central bank as an independent entity.

On the other hand, the first Deputy Governor, Hon. Samuel Yanga, urged commercial banks operating in the country to follow suit and transform the area into a business hub.

He added that the Bank was operating at half capacity, but today’s grand opening has solved the space problem. The building consists of 12 stores and has a standard boardroom for conducting regional and international conferences. Hon. Yanga said it also has a recreation centre for staff activities, setting a new standard for public service.

President Gen. Salva Kiir greeting the staff

In another development, the President of the Republic, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, said he was pleased with the Bank’s grand opening, a significant achievement by BoSS leadership. He said, “It is a historic occasion, and I present this house as a gift to our citizens.”

The president said his decision to grant the Bank’s independence allows it to deliver its core mandate of maintaining price stability and a sound financial system in the country.

He thanked the CES government and the Jondoru Community for their support of the Bank. The president also encouraged the staff and BoSS leadership to cooperate with other institutions to advance government policies.

The president urged the government and citizens to focus on development, promote social harmony, and contribute to regional stability. “Our region must be stable. You don’t start from afar; you start with yourself.”

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