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Central Bank staff welcome Gov, Deputy Governors

Central Bank staff welcome Gov, Deputy Governors

By Majok Nikodemo

The Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) staff welcomed on Friday during a rainy day amid ululations from the female staff, the newly appointed Governor, Hon. Johnny Damian Ohisa, First Deputy Governor, Hon. Addis Ababa Othou, and 2nd Deputy Governor Hon. John Machiek.

At arrival the newly appointed three top management officials waved to the staff in a very wet cool weather day. Then they headed to the board room, where they were accorded a warm welcome by the senior staff.

Addressing the senior staff, “the governor said, “gone are the days when the governor takes his decisions alone. We need your unwavering support as we shall work as a team. If we fail, we fail as a team, and if we succeed, we succeed as a team.”

He reflected on the reception accorded to them in a rainy day, describing it as “so touching.”

Governor Ohisa urged the staff to observe the rules and regulation to deliver, pledging that a three- month salary would be sanctioned by the Board of Directors to the staff.

The first deputy governor, Hon. Othow said, “receiving us in the rain is a blessing and a sign of good omen.” He added, “it’s not only us to succeed, but would do so together with you as a team. We shall work together to see a brighter future.”

For his part, Hon. John Machiek, 2nd deputy governor thanked the President of the Republic, His Excellency, General Salva Kiir Mayardit for appointing the top management team. “It’s difficult to express this happiness in words, but for such an institution to succeed, we need a political support.”

Board member, Prof. Nyiel Gordon, said leaders don’t choose to become leaders, but God choose them, indicating that it has gone down in history that Hon. Johnny Ohisa has led the Bank alone for couple of weeks as the Acting governor. She also greeted the deputy governors, who would team up together with the governor to lead the Bank.

Director General for Admin and Finance, Samuel Mikaya, brought to the attention of the governor that a certain staff requested an incentive for the staff because they received him with his deputies in the rainy day – a request warmly accepted by the governor, who referred it to the board to act.

Earlier, President Kiir issued a decree appointing the governor and the two deputy governors to lead the Bank in the next period.

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