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Swearing in ceremony of BoSS Governor and Deputies

Swearing in ceremony of BoSS Governor and Deputies

Friday, 26th August 2022

His Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit on Friday morning, conducted the swearing in ceremony of Hon. Johnny Ohisa Damian as the Governor of the Bank of South Sudan. Along with Hon. Addis Ababa Othow Akongdit, 1st Deputy Governor and Hon. John Maciek Acuoth, 2nd Deputy Governor of the Bank of South Sudan.

Governor BoSS Hon. Johnny Ohisa Damian and First Deputy Governor Hon. Addis Ababa Othow Akongdit
First Deputy Governor Hon. Addis Ababa Othow Akongdit and Deputy Governor Hon. John Maciek Acuoth

The oath taking ceremony was administered in the Office of the President by the Chief Justice, Chan Reech Madut.

During the ceremony, H.E. President Salva Kiir Mayardit urged the new appointees to do what is right for the interest of the people of South Sudan, regardless of some people don’t like it. The President assured the new appointees that is not an easy task they are taking on. Congratulating them before they perform their duties successfully is needless. He encouraged them to let their work speak for itself.

The Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Hon. Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro said “You are a team of young professionals and if you don’t succeed, it will be unfortunate. The Minister continued to advise the group to join hands with the President, in his priority to provide the necessary financial services to the people. “The President is making changes because he wants services to be delivered to the people.” -Hon. Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro. He concluded by saying “We don’t want to hear stories of reforms, all we need to hear and see are the results in the financial sector.”

The Minister of Finance and Planning Hon. Dier Tong Ngor commented on his in-depth understanding of the challenges that face the bank of South Sudan. From his experience as former Governor of the bank, he pledges to create a strong work relationship with the team. To ensure that the bank meets the priorities of the People of South Sudan. He congratulated the President for choosing professionals with extensive experience in the banking sector. He believes that they will correctly manage the public finances to overall achieve economic growth for the Country.

The newly appointed Governor of the Bank of South Sudan Hon. Johnny Ohisa acknowledged that it is a big responsibility, and made assurances that they will manage the resources correctly. He said that they are will aware of the expectations of the people of South Sudan, and will work united as a team to fulfil them.

The governor concluded by saying “We can make changes that will advance the people within the next two years. This can be done by implementing the monetary policies.”

L/R Finance and Planning Minister Hon. Dier Tong, Governor of BoSS Hon. Johnny Damian Ohisa, First Deputy Governor Hon. Addis Ababa Othow

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