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Governor meets Yei River State Government

Governor meets Yei River State Government

The Governor Hon. Dier Tong and the accompanying delegation met the state’s government represented by Emmanuel Adil Anthony, his deputy Yusto Baba and two state ministers.

The BSS Governor who briefed the state’s government on his historic visit to Yei River state said he is honored by the reception accorded to him by the government. “I would love to stay here, but the busy schedule I have cannot allow.” He said.

I came here to meet with my staff at the bank, so as to listen to the challenges facing them and chart a way forward.

On the other hand we are in the process of implementing our strategic plan, therefore creating awareness on the new vision, and mission and the core values. This is important, because it requires efforts of our staff to implement the strategic objectives set.

Talking about national issues, the economic downturn in our country affected every area of our lives. “When we came to office, we decided to act in national interest.” This means that we used the little dollars we have for the benefit of the majority through the importation of strategic commodities, like fuel and food amongst others. “We are working with the ministry of finance, trade and the National security to close leakages.”

This resulted into the drop in the price of fuel in Juba. I was reliably informed that one litter of fuel cost around 375 SSP here in Juba. This is too high.

On the issue of relations between states and the banks, banks complain to us that states are irritating them through imposition of licenses fees. “It is the competence of the Bank of South Sudan to license banks, the Governor said.

On BSS land, the Governor raised this issue of land lease with the state government. The state government explained to the Governor the controversy surrounding the land lease issue saying that it was the community that agreed to give land to the BSS. However later individual interests arose in 2015 leading to the suspension to the land lease.

The state government appealed to the Governor to support local economy as Yei is a potential investment destination in the region.

The challenge is whether or not BSS should act as a guarantor for the state to access international financial resources.

On the issue of fuel needs, the minister of Finance said that they have prioritized fuel in the state to lower food prices. Yei stands as a model of food production, she said, it used to produce simsim, maize Dura amongst others.

On the issue of banks and other financial institutions working in the state, some of the money transfer agencies charge large sums of money for their customers. When the customers complain to us, we cannot do anything because it is not within our competence to interfere in the work of the Central bank.

The state government said that there are tractors which the president of the republic gave to states to enhance local food production. However banks are not giving out loans to potential farmers to enhance local food production.

In conclusion the state’s Governor appealed to BSS Governor to ensure financing farmers to subsidized food production.

The State Governor then instructed responsible authorities in the state to issue land lease to Bank of South Sudan immediately.

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